Styling Tips for Your New HD Lace Closure

Nothing is more exciting than the day your new HD Lace Closure wig arrives. The first few times you sit down to style can be intimidating, but these styling ideas and tips should make it more fun and less stressful.

Hd Lace Closure Styling Basics

Great hair begins with a great part.

One of the first steps to achieving most hairstyles with your HD Closure wig is to part the wig to fit your desired style for the day. You can part on either side or the middle with an HD Lace closure.

Use a styling comb or pick with wide-spaced teeth to create the part. Watch the hairline as you make the part and keep it looking natural. For example, when styling your hair without an HD Lace Closure, gin at the front and work towards the middle.

Once you have the part created, it can be helpful to spritz a small amount of holding spray. The part can move during the other styling or in the wind without it.

How to increase the HD Lace Closure volume.

Tease that hair: To increase the hair volume, use a styling pick or comb. Comb or pick the hair backward from the base to the tips using a light fluffing motion.

Volumizing Spray or Foam: If you have an HD Lace Closure for human hair, you can use volume-adding hair products. Follow the directions on your selected product. Then, when it is styled and volumized as desired, pull out your hair dryer. Use it on low or medium while reverse-rolling the hair with a wig brush.

Add more hair: With a human hair HD Lace Closure, you can easily use clip-in hair extensions to add more hair! This works well for real human hair closures but not as well with artificial hair ones.

Some days, you want curls, and some, you don’t. Adding and removing curl:

If you want to restyle your HD Lace closure, give it a gentle shampoo and condition. Allow the hair to dry before styling.


Straighten: For real human hair, you can use a basic heated flat hair straightener like you would for natural hair. Keep it on low or medium and no higher. Work with small areas of hair and only some at a time. This will give you better results.

Curl: If you have a human hair HD Lace Closure, you can use both heated and cold rollers. Otherwise, stick with the unheated ones. You can also use a curling iron on low or medium to add curl.

Use them as you would with your regular hair, and you will have stellar results. Remember, with curling wands and irons, you only need a few seconds for each curl. Too long, and you can damage even human hair HD Lace Closures.

HD Lace Closure styles to turn heads.

Braids are always a classy and fun way to style your hair. With your HD Closure wig, you now have more hair to braid. Want a thicker or longer braid? Add a matching clip-in hairpiece, and you are all set.

To braid your hair with your HD Lace Closure, simply part your hair and divide it into sections. Hold each hair section’s ends with a small band or clip. Once you have all the sections ready, weave them into your desired braid.

There are fancy ones like the French braid or just a casual loose one for every day.

Half up, Half Down: One of the most popular ways to style an HD Lace Closure wig is in a Half up and half down style.

You can use variations of this versatile style to change it up when you need a new look.

Pull the top sections of hair up to the top of the head. Choose a bun, twist, or braid wrapped around your head like a crown. See how versatile this style is already?

Now, the lower sections of hair can be curled or allowed to hang down naturally. A wide-barrel heated styling curler can add a beach wave to the lower sections. Just leave the hair on it for a few seconds for a loose wave instead of a curl.

Ponytails for youthfulness: You can add a hair extension already in a ponytail or just create one with your HD Lace Closure as is. To create a more fancy look, add extra ties or bands up and down the ponytail.

You also have the option to use a decorative scrunchie or clip to hold the ponytail. This can be a

great way to personalize your look. Do you love dolphins or unicorns, or are you a teacher? You can find scrunchies for any hobby, profession, or passion.

Here Are Some Ways To Make Your Hd Closure Look As Natural As It Can.

One of the most distressing parts of preparing your new HD Lace Closure is seeing all that extra lace and not knowing what to do with it!

All you need is a quarter of an inch past the hairline. Grab your sharp fabric scissors and trim the excess. You do not need to be perfectly straight; a little zigging and zagging can increase the realism of your HD Lace Closures hairline.


Bushy hairlines need to go: Most HD Lace Closures have a bushy hairline that looks unnatural.

Grab a pair of tweezers or a custom plucking tool, and let’s clean up that hairline.

Remember to go slow, remove one or two at a time, and look in the mirror. You can pluck more, but you cannot replace them if you get carried away. If you are still determining how many hairs a natural hairline should have, zoom in on some headshots online to get a feel for it.

Accessorize your HD Lace Closure wig.

Headbands: Like so many styles from decades past, headbands have returned and are fashionable again. Using a headband can allow you to add a jaunty or sporty look to your HD Lace Closure.

Bows, Clips, and fancy barrettes: Once a thing for children, they are now available in adult styles. With as much glam and bling as you want, you can go the playful and whimsical route with a cartoon or animal shape. There is sure to be one to show off something about yourself.

Scarves Can Protect Your Hair And Add An Air Of Sophistication To Your Hd Lace Closure.

Satin or silk scarves can protect your HD Lace Closure from the harsh elements. They come in many thicknesses and colors. Pick one that matches your mood and outfit.

Jewelry and Bling: Nothing shows off your new HD Lace Closure like a pair of dangling sparkling earrings. A necklace or brooch can also add a personal touch. Consider pairing a hair accessory with matching earrings or a necklace.

Ready to see some HD Lace Closure styles in person to fire your imagination?

Visit a local shop that specializes in HD Lace Closures. I love an afternoon spent at Private Label. They have several hair stores, and there might be one near you. If not, check out their website. It has more tips and styling ideas.